Adding Value To Your Garage

Are you thinking of adding your own flair to your already amazing property? Or did you just acquire or rent a new one and want to add your personal touch to it? But, does the thought that it might decrease your home or office’s value hold you back? We have a solution for you. F & J Roller Door Services was established for these tricky times. As our name suggests, we build and install quality roller doors, that won’t just fit your home or office, but will also increase their worth should you choose to move from there.

The types we sell

We have been long known to provide roller doors for all sorts of businesses. Be they commercial or otherwise. You might have seen our commercial roller doors Melbourne when passing by your favourite store perhaps. However, our range doesn’t just stop there. We also make custom industrial roller doors, factory roller doors and warehouse roller doors. This means that whatever the size of your home or business, whatever your needs, we will make the perfect one for you.

The right fit

The thing that sets us apart is that we don’t force an already made roller door on you. We know that every garage serves a different purpose and every space. Once our team has visited you and taken the exact measurements, we will design for you the most suitable roller door in terms of size, height, width, length and material. We will also ensure that you know what is best for you and that you get nothing less than that.

Because some spaces are crammed than others, that doesn’t allow for much movement for doors. So, the one we fit you with will take into account all such aspects. This means making sure if your roller shutter door can be a vertical one or not. But, we also make similar side doors to your main garage door, which has access to and from the main building, whether it’s a private or a commercial place. This lets you keep the main garage door closed when you don’t need to keep it open.

Apart from a value and beauty standpoint, our roller doors also offer a high level of security. As they have remote controllers that only you have, and maybe a main switch on the inside, there’s no breaking into it. As they are the perfect fit, there is no space for anyone or anything to crawl into or stick something to push it open. Once it’s closed, it stays closed unless you give the command to open it. These security features are either already a part of it, or if you want it to be extra secure, you can opt for even more secure options. The side doors can be arranged to have swipe key cards or novelty keys so that only a handful few, who need to have access to the garage, may have it. Go right here to find out more details.

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