Comparison Between House Re-blocking And House Underpinning

house re-blocking and house underpinning

Construction is not an easy task as it is the process that is completed in various stages. It requires lot of time, effort and money to build a single object. Different groups of people from different fields of life come together to complete the single project of building or construction. These groups of people may vary from architects to engineers and from labourers to designers. Even a little negligence during the process of construction can bring out some serious repercussions; which is why this process needs lot of concentration, true effort and hard work of people. Many times we come across such situation in which we find some flaws in our existing house; people chose the way of renovating the existing house instead of replacing it with a new one because this process costs less fortune as compared to buying a brand new house. Besides the renovation of interior and exterior of the house, there are times when the base or foundation of the house needs to be renovated as well. In this article, we will be discussing about the comparison between house reblocking in melbourne and house underpinning.

House re-blocking:

As the name suggests; house re-blocking is the process of re-blocking or re-stumping the already built stumps or the blocks of the house. The stumps or blocks that we are talking about are the very first part of any construction process; which is laid to give the level to the whole project that is going to be built on it. There are many reasons for a person to be considering the process of house re-blocking; one of which might be due to the rotting of the existing soil due to the accumulation of moisture in a soil.

House under-pinning:

House underpinning is quite an essential process if you are considering of building more floors to your house or if you think that the last time the base laid to your house was not that strong. Basically, the whole posture and firmness of the house depends upon its foundation. If the foundation is strong and properly done then the whole house will be standing firmly. However, if you feel that foundation laid to your house was not that strong then you definitely need to carry out this process of underpinning in your house to save you and your loved ones from any unfortunate accidents.


One cannot replace their existing things that easily with the new ones; similar is the case with the houses, if people find any flaw in their house; most of the people opt for the process of renovations instead of buying a new house. This renovation process becomes the must when the problem arises in the foundation of your house because the whole structure of the house depends upon this base. There are two processes which are carried out to improve the stumps and base of the houses or other such buildings. “B and A foundations” provides the best services of these two processes which are house re-blocking and house underpinning melbourne respectively.