Comparison Between Temporary Fence Panels And Crowd Control Barriers

temporary fence panels

We all are familiar with the term fences which can be defined as the number of vertical bars connected with each other through two horizontal bars. The purpose of these fences is to protect, secure and to enhance the look of the place. In general; these fences can be divided into two main types. One is the temporary fences and other is the permanent fences. The thing about the temporary fence panels is that they are “placed” for the specific period of time around the construction site or the maintenance areas and once the construction is done then they are taken away. On the other hand; permanent fences are installed in a way that their posts are dug into the ground. Temporary fences are light in weight so that they can be easily carried away whereas permanent fences are heavy in weight. The only function of temporary fences is to protect the non-professionals from entering into a hazardous area, construction site or maintenance place. In this article; we will be discussing about the comparison between temporary fence panels and crowd control barriers.

Site fencing hire:

As the name implies; the kind of fences that are hired to be placed across the construction sites is known as site fencing. There are different types of site fencing which vary according to the material that is used in their manufacturing. There are wired chain like site fences that are made up of galvanized zinc coating. Then there is wired mesh like site fences that is best for high security or protection form invasion. Steel made fences, wooden fences and so on are some other such examples of the temporary fences that can be placed across the construction sites for the time being.

Comparison between temporary fence panels and crowd control barriers:

Both (temporary fences as well as crowd control barriers) are the kind of fences that are placed for the specific period of time from the invasion of people. However; there are some prominent differences between the two. Crowd control barriers are comparatively smaller in size than the temporary fences. They are placed to the events, concerts, parades and political protests. The purpose of these barriers or barricades is to stop people from entering into the zones where the celebrity or special guests will sit. On the other hand; temporary fences are placed across the construction sites, maintenance areas and so on. The purpose of placing these fences is to prevent any kind of accident that might harm the individual entering into the site or the workers working in the site.


There are multiple types of fences out there which vary on the basis of the materials that they are made up of and the functions that they provide. These fences might vary from the white picket fences to pool fence panels and from temporary fence panels in wangaratta to crowd control barriers. You can buy different types of fences or hire them as well from “North east temp fencing”.