How To Make Your Event More Interesting

Mirror photo booth or magic mirror photo booth takes photos to another level of fun as it offers the latest technology in collaborative picture taking. It provides a user-friendly interface, custom animations and it communicates with its visitors with a touch screen.  it looks like a typically mirror in the home but it contains Led, camera and software that allows you to take pictures through it. It only used in events that are covered so the mirror can keep out from light. While taking a photo you can see yourself in a full-length mirror. For best photos, it motivates by fun like using the count down or another different thing to make it interesting and joy able.  It provides the graceful look and grabs the attention of guests. It is also known as mirror my booth.

There are many photo booth rental companies that allow you to rent the booth for a small amount of time. It is very common in the United States and mostly used in wedding, parties like sweet sixteen and bar including different events that can be public and private events. There can be a photo booth attendant that provides his services for guests. It also contains animated GIF, slow-motion videos, recognition of the facial gesture.  It detects when person enter comes in front of a mirror or you have to touch it to let it know your presence. The movement of the person is detected through gesture like asking to raise your hand, simile or move. Click here for more info on GIF booth Melbourne.

There are different types of photo booth named as unique, stylish and professional. Unique booths are reform into modern full-length mirror that provides the feature of printing photo within seconds. The next one booth named stylish booth adds luxury touch as they provide a huge variety of props and includes red carpet in your event.  The last on professional booth use innovative technology along with top equipment as they provide the best quality to their customer.

The way to use the mirror is:

  • First of all, go in front of your magic booth and touch it to start
  • make the pose and let the mirror do its work or say the magic
  • now you have to sign your mirror and that sign will display on your print
  • the last one is to grab your pictures, don’t forget to do so! Or you can get the link to your photos

If you want to make your notable day to memorable one then doesn’t forget to use it in your events and bring uniqueness to your party by keeping people busy in this activity.

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