How To Plan A Kids Birthday Party At Home?

Everybody is excited about their birthday especially kids. They want to celebrate it with all their little friends and feel extra special on that day. As parents planning a birthday party for the kid may be a hassle especially if you have many kids. Booking a venue and scouting party planners are not only time consuming but could also break the bank. So obviously the most economic venue is the home itself. With a little bit of sprucing and decorating parents can make the home look fantastic and the big smile on the birthday kid is worth it all. So here are some tips for parents to help them with the planning process.


Kid’s party themes are super fun to choose. Parents can decide a theme based on the kids favourite character or cartoon. This way there is no need for extravagant decorations since the dressed up guests and theme based kids birthday party entertainment will be sufficient. Or parents could also opt for a basic theme such as butterflies, flowers or bubbles. Whatever it is make sure your kid likes the idea because after all it is his birthday party.

Start Ahead

Since the date is certain prepare ahead of time. Last minute shopping isn’t exactly efficient because there are low chances of you purchasing all the products you need. It could also lead to a higher bill since you don’t have enough time to look for low priced stuff. You can also grab stuff for discounted prices in seasonal sales if you shop early. You can also make use of coupons and gift cards to buy supplies for the birthday party.

Party Space

Using the entire house could be a bad idea because kids are extremely messy. So try to limit the party in a part of the home or even the basement or the backyard. Allocating a specific location will make it easy for you to clean up as well. Theme parties can be simply decorated with fairy lights and streamers since the guests and entertainers will all be dressed up.


Since there are no costs for the party venue, parents can go all out and hire professional entertainer. This can be suited according to the budget as well as the theme. There are also various other cheap entertainment ideas such as group games, face painting and magic shows.

Party Favours

Parents can customize favours according to the theme which may be purchased from stores or done it by themselves. All kids love candy and small toys so it is the ideal party favour.

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