Respite Care And Its Types

Having a person suffering from long term ailment or a medical condition that requires medical assistance around the clock has its own setbacks to the family. Apart from all the emotional toll, it takes on all the family member’s mental health, physically they also can become frustrated and tired. Being primary caregiver of such patient is a difficult task as the caregiver no longer has a life of its own and mostly plan according to the patient’s schedule of doctor’s appointments, therapies and time table. The primary caregiver is mostly left with severe depression in doing so, which can have diverse effects on the person’s mental and physical health. Respite care Camberwell is the facility that temporarily looks after the patient for a pre-defined shorter period of time so that the primary caregiver can have some time off and do errands and tasks of his own. Respite care is a good solution for families that have patients with disabilities whether physical or mental. They can check-in the patient into respite care homes and can tend to the wedding, go on a vacation or tend to other matters that need immediate attention.

Respite care is the perfect solution for primary caregivers so that they can take their time off and spend a holiday or vacation without worrying about the patient. There are different kinds of respite care available and some of which are mentioned below.

  • Respite centres

As apparent from the name, this type of respite care Surrey Hills is given when the patient is check-in one of the respite care centres. The patient is taken along with his medical history and case file so that in an emergency he can be tended accordingly. The stay is decided beforehand and paid for accordingly.

  • In-house respite

This type of respite care is the one where temporary help arrives at the premises of the patients home and stays there to look after the patient. The primary caregiver can stay at home take rest separately or go out as he pleases. In-house respite care is usually a little expensive than the other types.

  • Respite care emergency

This particular respite care is the one where the primary caregiver as pre-selected the respite services in the wake of an unfortunate event. The respite services are notified already that they should be one call away if the need arises. They are already provided with the patients’ medical history and comes to the rescue on just a call away.

  • Respite care group homes

This specific kind of respite care is the one for people who are going through some rough patch in their lives and just require love and determination to sail through. Respite care group homes mostly cater to people with mental disorders and make sure to solve them through therapy. These care homes are a kind of groups with similar disorders who work through these disorders by supporting each other and pushing each other to keep on going. These group homes are a perfect source of encouragement for people dealing with mental health issues.

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