Guide: Control Birds With Proper Bird Netting

bird proof netting

Currently, there are numerous amounts of products available for bird proof netting, however, there are some facts and features that should be taken into consideration to install the right netting for your bird problem. First let us take a look at how these nettings to control the birds are made,

Manufacture of bird netting:

To control the birds swamping your houses bird proofing is the only solution. For that one should know what the netting is made of and how does it help. Bird netting has three main components which are 630 denier, high-density polythene, and monofilament. The granules or beads from high-density polythene are melted and then mixed with colour pigments, flame retardant, and ultra-violet filters before getting exposed to monofilament. With this concoction of monofilament, the finished twines are made. It is twisted into the bundle of three and then again to form the shape. Then with these twines’ looms are linked, which then are knotted together to form a mesh. The protective nets are manually made and require highly skilled labour. The nets are neatly and accurately joined together in smaller and larger mesh sizes as required and it is all done by hand.

What is the right type of bird netting for you?

Larger mesh sizes are mostly used by people to reduce the cost and weight but again you do not know if that it the right choice for you. Net sizes should be chosen by the type of birds of the area concerned. Usually there are four types of bird netting available which include, 50mm pigeon, 19mm sparrow, 28mm starling, and 75mm seagull. If in your neighbourhood you are dealing against several types of bird species, then you should buy the smallest mesh size you can find. People usually have a perception that they can apply any proofing they want, and it will protect them from all the kinds of bird attack thus, they buy the netting with large meshes to save the cost, just to see small birds still humming on their gallery or window. It is necessary that you comprehend the type of species of birds you want to stay safe from and then install the net as required.

Net colours and reaction to heat:

While choosing a net, do not be obliged to buy black nets, only if you want it of course. If that is not the case, then there are different colours available which you can buy according to your needs. We see most of the people who are not totally aware of their options and end up installing black nets. You can buy skyline nets, building façade nets, lightwells, and net for your windows.

Also while install the nets inside your house, you need to be careful about the fact that HDPE which is also known as high-density polythene starts melting at 130 degrees. This means that it can easily catch fire if exposed to it. It is best for you to use a flame retardant netting.